Haute Dog Pet Photography

Haute Dog
Pet Photography

Dallas Pet Photographer

Personality-Packed Photoshoots of Dogs and Horses Designed to Make Your Pet Live Forever

Like haute couture fashion, we're a little over the top

Our pet photography style is unapologetically bold and colorful, with an emphasis on showcasing the quirks and character of each dog and horse we work with. We believe every pampered pet deserves to be celebrated in style with professional photos that make their personalities live forever.

Join us, because when it comes to loving our pets, it's ok to be a little 'extra'

Serving private and commercial clients at our 7-acre pet photography studio and on-location around the DFW Metroplex in Dallas, Fort Worth, DentonPlano, Frisco, Southlake, Flower Mound, Arlington, McKinney, and beyond.

Specializing in photography of dogs and horses since 2014. You may have seen our work in these major media outlets and more:

We want our pets to live forever.
Just like you.

Hi, I'm Robyn - dog mom, equestrian, and internationally acclaimed professional pet photographer in Dallas, Texas.

My life was changed by a tall, dark, and handsome man - a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog named Jake. It was a love story that lasted 12 years, spanned four states, and sparked one great mission: to find a way to make him live forever.

Sadly my Neurobiology degree didn't prove much use in devising a magic formula for immortality, but my camera allowed me to preserve his personality, and Jake's legacy lives on in countless portraits.

Today, I proudly extend my mission to pet owners across Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond, capturing the unique personalities of dogs and horses through boldly colorful photography, and crafting couture albums and artwork that ensure the spirit of each pet lives on in the hearts and homes of their owners.

© The Artisan Hound

Meet the Team

Being a Professional Pet Photographer requires:

• patience
• professional training
• photoshop

Let go of the worry about whether your pet will sit still long enough for a photo session. We've got you covered! Every dog and horse we work with has its unique personality and behavior. Some take time to warm up to the camera to feel comfortable, others need a few minutes to run around (the perfect time to grab some action shots!). That's why our team of experts has all the necessary tools to ensure a safe and enjoyable photo session for people and their pets. We possess abundant patience, decades of experience in animal behavior and training, and expertise in professional photo editing...plus their favorite treats and a few attention-grabbing noises you've probably never heard before.

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"I was amazed at how Robyn CAPTURED OUR DOG'S SPIRIT & PERSONALITY."

Border Collie dog portrait session IN ARGYLE, TX

"She created artwork that was MY HORSE'S SPIRIT ENCASED IN A FRAME."

Thoroughbred horse portrait session IN BARTONVILLE, TX



More than just a pretty (pet) picture

$50,360+ Donated to Charity

Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year

"Best Dog Photos in the World"
~Dogs Today Magazine

International Silver Photographer of the Year

Voted Best Pet Photographer in Dallas

PPA Certified Professional Photographer