Dallas Horse Portraits

Tailored for the discerning equestrian community in Dallas-Fort Worth, our horse photography services are crafted to be as captivating as the majestic animals they feature. We offer a range of options, including fine art, black-and-white background images, and horse and rider portraits across various disciplines.

We elevate horse photography through the adept use of expert lighting techniques and bold color palettes. These elements accentuate the natural beauty of your horse, creating visually stunning portraits that capture their essence and magnificence.

Our process is designed to prioritize the comfort and relaxation of your horse. Collaborating with a professional animal handler, we ensure a calm and comfortable environment, allowing your horse's true spirit to shine through in every image. This results in portraits that reflect the genuine personality of your equine companion. Our experienced team is well-equipped to work with horses of all temperaments. Whether your horse is calm and collected or spirited and energetic, we have the expertise to create breathtaking portraits that resonate with the unique qualities of each individual horse.

Experience the epitome of equestrian artistry with our personalized horse portraits. Let us celebrate the beauty and grace of your horses through captivating photography.

As most horse owners know, there is almost nothing that can compare to the love I have for my horse. She is my peace, my therapy, and my happiness. Somehow Robyn was able to capture all of that in a photo. She created a beautiful piece of artwork that was my horse’s spirit and personality encased in a frame. 

Brooke and Venus

Working with Robyn at Haute Dog Photography was a dream. I HATE being photographed and I only did it to have a photographic memory my lovely mare! Robyn made the process so fun that I even enjoyed it. 

Katherine and Diola

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