Introducing an exciting collaboration between DFW's Haute Dog Pet Photography and The Barkday Planner: colorful pet photography sessions designed by the original dog party planner! Custom-themed pet party sessions include: a dog cake smash and treats, pet party hats, balloons, and decor, photographed in the comfort of Haute Dog's pet photography studio. With our combined expertise in pet photography and pet party planning, we are committed to turning these special occasions into laughter-filled memories. Whether you're celebrating your puppy's birthday or commemorating their gotcha day, these milestones are moments worth celebrating together!

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Party Photoshoots are the Perfect Celebration for:

• Dog Birthday Parties
• Pet Gotcha Days
• Beating the Odds (Remissions & Recovery from Illnesses)
• Dog Training Milestones & Certifications
• Holiday Photos with Your Pet
• Anniversary Portraits
• Baby Announcements, Maternity Photos, and Gender Reveals with Your Dog or Horse

St Bernard Puppy Birthday Party: "Little Miss Sunshine & Rainbows"

After photographing birthday and gotcha day celebrations for numerous clients, I wanted in on the fun myself. My Saint Bernard puppy, Puzzle, turned one on July 17th. Puzzle is bubbly, adorable, happy-go-lucky, and too cute for her own good. Her Disney princess eyes make me melt, and she quickly earned the nickname "Little Miss Sunshine and Rainbows." To launch our new celebration photoshoots, The Barkday Planner designed a dog party set complete with rainbow balloon arch, clouds, a dog-friendly cake with the cutest topper, cookies, a bandana, and party hat. Watching Puzzle smash the cake was pure joy. These are some of my favorite moments and most treasured photographs with Puzzle and I can't wait to share this joyful experience with our clients! 


Maternity & Gender Reveal Photos with Dogs

Looking for ways to include your pet in your baby announcement, maternity photos, or gender reveal? For many, their pets are their first children so including them in portraits announcing human babies is only natural! Contact us to design a photoshoot with your dogs or horses to share your big news!

Great Dane Birthday Party: Circus Theme

Atticus and Scarlett have the mother of all dog moms. She drove her pups from Oklahoma to our DFW pet photography studio for their birthday party photoshoot! Their circus themed party was complete with carnival colors and a Greatest Danes cookie on top their dog safe cake.

How do you want to party with your pet?!

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