With a variety of customizations, we can't wait to design a portrait session that is the perfect fit for you and your dog or horse! Here's how the Dallas pet photography experience works:

Plan & Design

A planning and design process to create a fully personalized pet photography experience for your dog or horse.

The Session

Romp around our private 7-acre fenced dog photography studio or we'll photograph your dog or horse at a DFW location near you.

Gallery Premiere & Ordering Appointment

Sip champagne and we'll customize your choice of artwork, album, and/or digital images for your personal style and home decor.

Final Edits

Hours of meticulous photo editing and retouching to remove leashes and handlers.

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White glove artwork delivery so you can celebrate your pet every day.

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The biggest hesitation we hear is "my dog won't sit still for photos." No problem! Unless we are in an enclosed area such as Fursailles - our 7-acre fenced photography studio - or a controlled space at your barn, all pets are kept on leads to ensure safety. Our pet photography sessions are conducted with an experienced handler, who assists with keeping the dogs in place and is later removed in Photoshop to produce the final images. 

What if my dog/horse can't be off lead or won't hold still?

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