End of Life & Memorial Pet Photography

With great care and honor, we offer end of life pet portraits for those who want to celebrate the life of their beloved pets. We understand firsthand that losing a pet can be more painful even than losing a human, and we're here to help you create a beautiful and lasting tribute to your best friend. Haute Dog Pet Photography was born from the need to make my heart dog live forever, and their memory inspires us to create a meaningful photo session that creates a legacy and celebrates the life and love that you shared with your pet. Contact us for priority scheduling.

I preserve the legacies of your pets in memory of mine:

I started photographing pets while attempting to create a piece of my heart dog that would live forever. I quickly realized that goal was shared by pet parents around the globe. Jake passed in August 2022, but his legacy will live forever in my heart and behind every photo I create for a client. With our dedication to quality, creativity, and compassionate service, we strive to make dogs and horses live forever for their people, bringing joy, comfort, and peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.

Vicky: A Memorial Pet Portrait Session

Linda contacted me late last year to schedule a pet photography session for her three Schnauzers. Sadly, Vicky passed away unexpectedly before we were able to meet her. We took a few months to let Linda grieve, then met to photograph Emmi and Lola. It was important to us that Vicky was still a part of the session, so I asked Linda to bring her collar and a special photo. As the sun began to set, Vicky made it known she was there in spirit, casting rainbow orbs across the portrait of her family standing by our vintage truck.

Roxy and Riddle: A Memorial Pet Portrait Session

We began photographing Roxy, Riddle, and Roux in 2020. When their pack grew in 2021, we celebrated the addition of Raider with a second pet photography session. Sadly Riddle passed away in 2022. His mom had one of the portraits created in her first session turned into a tattoo in his memory. In 2023 she requested a pet photography session with her special girl and wanted to incorporate Riddle's legacy. We took these portraits to remember he is always with his mom, and when the time comes, Roxy's portrait will be commissioned as a complementary tattoo on her mom's arm.

Midas: An End of Life Pet Portrait Session

When Midas no longer had quality of life, Jackie made the difficult decision to lead her horse to the rainbow bridge. The morning of his euthanasia we paused to celebrate their bond with a brief end of life photography session. While maintaining the sanctitude of their last moments together, we created a series of farewell portraits so that a piece of him would live forever.

Whether you seek to commemorate your dog or horse in their last hours, celebrate their life as they grow old, or create portraits in memory of pets lost, we are honored to be a part of your grieving process.

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