About Haute Dog Pet Photography

Full-time professional pet photographer.
Mom to six giant dogs and two actual horses.
Equestrian reiner turned jumper.
St. Bernard fancier and dog show rookie.
Lover of champagne and high heels.
I plan our crazy Christmas cards a year in advance, could eat pasta for every meal, and have been married to my husband Adam for 10 years. Friends describe me as driven, meticulous, creative, and empowering...​with a hint of perfectionism.

I am a Certified Professional Photographer with more than two decades of experience working with animal training and behavior, from search and rescue to therapy work, obedience to confidence building. Before finding my true purpose photographing pets, I earned my Bachelor's in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a Master's in Forensic Science. ​

Hi, I'm Robyn

the photographer

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Meet Loren

Dallas pet photography assistant.
Mom to one rambunctious Rottweiler and one extraordinary horse.
Caffeine addict and bourbon connoisseur.
Lifelong equestrian.

Loren spent seven years working at some of the most prestigious hunter/jumper horse shows across the country where part of her job was assisting photographers in getting that perfect winners circle photo. Although she is Photoshopped out of your final images, she is the magic behind them, holding pets in place, coaxing the perfect ears and head tilts, moving lights, and assisting with the flow of operations behind the scenes.

the Assistant

Chief Inspiration Officer

I started photographing pets while attempting to create a piece of my heart dog that would live forever. I quickly realized that goal was shared by pet parents around the globe. Jake passed in August 2022, but his legacy will live forever in my heart and behind every photo I create for a client. With our dedication to quality, creativity, and compassionate service, we strive to make pets live forever for their people, bringing joy, comfort, and peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.

It Started With Jake

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